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DO NOT EDIT- Meet Sierra


"Change the Cheerleader, change the world!" <--- Or something like that. Anyway, I have a few different quotes swirling around in my head about change on a global basis. Everyone wants to change the world; everyone wants things to be different; there is mass discontent in every area of life. We all want "other than" in one way or another. But have you ever actually stopped to think of the idea behind changing the world? It's a pretty asinine concept. After all, no one wants the same change to take place. So if we all want to change the world, what will end up happening to the people caught in the crossfire of opposing sides? I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't even make a statement as large as, "Let's change the world!" He began with the individual. You. Me. We're in charge of our own change- only we can control the change taking place in our own hearts, in our own souls. I want to introduce you to someone who has fully taken control of her own change. Sierra didn't like things the way they were in her world. So she made the decision to do something about it. To pursue health and confidence. Her words to me were, "I want to prove to myself that I am proud of my story. My body, my scars, are who I am." So we want to change the world? Let's begin with ourselves. Begin by taking control of the damaging thoughts and insecurities we project onto our sense of self. Dismiss the temptation to compare, to envy, to overly admire or obsess. Love people, really love them, regardless of how they look, talk, dress, live. And most of all, we must learn to be gentle with ourselves. We are who we are. Scars and all. And, maybe, just maybe, when our daughters see the change- when our friends, sisters, mothers, aunts, and peers see our strong insistence to love ourselves- that will be when the rest of the world catches on to the idea of starting somewhere much more simple than an entire population of 9 billion. <3

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