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DO NOT EDIT- Meet Kallie


This gorgeous girl told me she doesn't want to believe the lie that she is responsible for men's immoral attitudes toward women. Someone made her feel responsible. Someone told her the body she was given is the reason why another human being can't keep his thoughts pure. Remember when we tattled? Our parents told us we are responsible for our own actions. When did that get tossed out the window? When did women become responsible for half the population of the world? If I sit back and say nothing, I'm as good as promoting the lie. Your body is a gift. A temple. It is holy, perfect, exactly how it should be. It is not a burden. It is not a punishment. You were made the way you are because the One who made you LOVES all parts of you. I wish I could adequately express to you this roar I feel in my gut; this desperate desire to see women stand up for Truth. I need to see more women demand a level of respect for themselves. Listen to the words of this song, ladies. If we don't stand for something, we stand for nothing. ROAR. Fight back! Refuse to be part of actions/plans/jokes/conversations/stories which degrade women to objects. Refuse to talk about other women in ways you, yourself, would consider damaging. Promote selflessness instead of weightlessness. Search after character: find strong women, noble women, brave women. Make them your hero rather than the airbrushed model in a fashion magazine. Wage war against the lies. Stand against opinions of what the majority of the world calls beautiful. You want it to be different? Make a difference! Be an example to girls, teens, young women, of what a BEAUTIFUL woman looks like! A beautiful woman embraces all shades of beauty; a beautiful woman cares more about the condition of her heart than the condition of her skin. Accept yourself with the same ferocity you accept others. Accept others! This isn't going to end unless we do something about it. The continual comparison; the lies told by media about how a woman should look; the attitudes of our young girls; the secrets we keep to make sure we're presentable to society; the focus on what is temporal over what is eternal- none of it will end unless we press against the opposition. ROAR!


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